Bandwidth and Hard Drive Storage Calculator for Zavio IP Cameras

Zavio Hard Drive CalculatorThis bandwidth and hard drive storage calculator is designed for Zavio IP cameras. Users can calculate the hard drive size they will need based on number of days and hours per day they plan on recording. The calculator also estimates the speed of the Internet connection required to remotely view one or more Zavio cameras.

Users can also use this tool to calculate how many hours of recording can be stored on micro SD cards that are built into some Zavio camera models.

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Zavio Hard Drive Calculator

Video Format
# of Cameras
Frame Rate
Video Quality
Hours Per Day
Bandwidth MbpsHard Drive GB

Calculator Notes

Bandwidth represents the recommended upload speed of the Internet connection where your camera(s) are located. Please check with your ISP. Upload speeds are typically slower than download speeds on cable and DSL Internet connections.

Hard Drive space calculated in gigabytes.

Bandwidth / Internet speeds calculated in megabytes.

This calculator uses a formula provided by Zavio. Results +/- 10%.

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