Re: Battery/Upload etc basic questions

Mike Haldas

Hello Carito,

Sorry for the delayed response please see the below answers.

1) Someone turns off the power to the house. How do I get around that? Can I add battery backup to every camera?

Battery Backup is correct.

2) Someone gets in then just steals the DVR. How do I get around that? Can any unit be set to upload the video somewhere?? What do most do for this? Defeats the purpose if they steal the unit after getting in the house.

There are a couple options.

Option 1.) You can get a DVR Lock Box. The DVR Lock Box bolts down to the floor and also has a key lock on the unit.

Option 2.) You can use GeoVision PC based DVR. GeoVision allows you to set an automated backup either as the recordings are happening or scheduled. This will allow you to back up the video to a storage device on site or remote from the location.

3) I see some units support x # of cameras. Would like to be able to expand also. What about this, or is that only something to worry about of they were hardwired and since I want wireless, I can exponentially add cameras up to whatever HDD space there is on a unit?

If you want to expand you will need to make sure the DVR or NVR will support the number of cameras you are looking for. Most standalone DVR's do not allow for expansion. If you will be starting out with 4 cameras and you know you will be exceeding that amount you may want to purchase a 8 or 16 channel DVR up front.

4)Would like to have 2-3 wireless cameras that can record at night and are wireless and can get wet if it rains. I can supply power, but would like to be able to add battery backup. Can I do that for u nder $200 a camera?

We do not have any outdoor wireless cameras in that price range. Wireless is not recommenced since it is completely dependance on the wireless network. Wireless cameras can also experience downtime , latency etc. Hard wiring cameras will always give you the best result.

5) Will the cameras and DVR integrate with the wireless I already have in the house. Standard WPA/WPA2 etc G/N type router?

It depends on the cameras. Typically that is the case. Some will run off access points , transmitters provided by the Manufacturer.

I hope this helps.

Thanks James