Re: CCTV camera system with DVR card help

Mike Haldas

Thank You for watching our videos and for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. Here are answers to your questions:

  1. What exactly does a DVR card do? (you don't have to go into detail!)

    A DVR card basically turns a computer into a DVR. The DVR card captures the video from surveillance cameras and the software that is included with the cards controls things like recording schedule, event and alarm detection, playback & search, email alerts, etc. We recommend Geovision and NUUO DVR cards. We really like both lines. If you have not already done so, you can watch our NUUO video here or on our youtube channel:

  • How is it connected to cameras (I'm looking at the Geovision GV-600 or GV-800 series cards). Is it just a cable going directly from the card directly to the cameras?

    Yes, you can use either a premade CCTV camera cables as you can see here:

  • or you can use a spool of RG59 siamese cable, where you cut the cable to your own custom length:

    and attach BNC connectors to the cable yourself like these:

    Do I need a specific type of camera?

    You can use any CCTV camera that has a BNC video connector. Any of these will work for example:

  • Is there any other equipment I need besides a PC, DVR card and the CCTV cameras?
  • No, that is all you need.

  • What are the benefits of recording at a higher frame rate? To me 30fps looks pretty smooth and I can't decide if recording at a higher frame rate will be necessary for me?
  • 30 frames per second / per channel is the fastest that a surveillance system can record at and is considered real time motion video. Please note that if you are looking at a 4 channel Geovision card like the GV-600 that is 30 FPS, that is divided among the number of cameras recording, so 4 cameras would record at 7.5 frames per second each.

  • I'm trying to decide if the GV-600 will be adequate.
  • For 4 cameras, the GV-600 will give you a pretty good experience at 7.5 FPS each, however, the upgrade to the GV-650 or GV-800 is well worth it in my opinion.

    Some additional notes for you: Based on the satellite image, either of these cameras will work well for you:

    For the office that it is difficult to run wires to, you can use a wireless transmitter with an outdoor IP camera. This equipment would work:

    If you decide that you want to use a wireless camera for the office, then I would recommend looking at NUUO DVR cards instead of Geovision as they are easier to implement a hybrid system with CCTV cameras and IP cameras and it is more affordable also because NUUO supports more types of IP cameras that are lower in cost.

    If you would like to discuss your project in more detail, please email me directly at or call 888-849-2288, ext 86 to reach me.


    -Mike Haldas, CCTV Camera Pros