Re: D1 Recording on CCTV DVRs

Mike Haldas

This customer followed up with us with the below questions:

1. Can I purchase any DVR (given it has adequate harddrive space and a 8ch) from anywhere they sell it, and plug any surveillance camera to it? Or do I need to have of the same brand as the dvr and camera for it to work?

You do not need to purchase the same brand DVR and cameras. Just be sure to get standard CCTV cameras that work with coaxial cable for the video and BNC connectors. Some proprietary cameras and DVRs use a non-standard type of connector to run power and video.

2. The more IR led on a night vision camera, the better? Is that true?

Not necessarily. Not all products are created equal. The quality of the image sensor, IR LEDs, and camera firmware (software) are all factors. This is why there are cameras on the market for $40 and cameras on the market for $400.

3. If I get purchase a dvd and it states I can view it from online anywhere there is a internet connection…. do I need to pay for a subscription/ licence or can do I just need the camera's IP, user name, and password to access it? (it'll be used on a home)

Our systems do not have any monthly subscription fees to connect. Some other companies do charge for this.

4. Lastly, are all dvrs that record on a harddrive can be accessed from a different part of the world and playback while still recording, or do they stop recording since you're replaying a file from lets say yesterday then once you finish playing a file they start back?

Most can record and playback at the same time. Some very low end DVRs can not. All of ours do.

Again, THANK YOU veryyyy veryyyy much for your replies and I look forward to doing business with you as my budget is approx $600 for 6camera and a dvr that can record and still be able to view from a different part of the world when I travel at nightvision given the access is password protected so no one can view my house other than me with a password. Looking forward to your reply on those four questions.

Unfortunately, we do not sell ultra low end equipment to compete with systems that you may see at sams club or costco, so I do not have anything in a 6 camera configuration in the price range. You can likely find something in that price range, but with a company backing it with support and knowledge to be thorough like we are is very unlikely.

Please let me know if I can help further.


-Mike Haldas