Re: DVR H.264 w/ D-Link DIR-825

Mike Haldas


If it is our H.264 4 channel digital video recorder then you can follow these remote camera monitoring instructions.

The ports that you mention are not the ones for that model DVR, so I think you are using something else. Whether you are using ours or another manufacturer's DVR, here are a few pointers:

  1. Get local connectivity working first with the LAN IP address. ( you already did this )
  2. Make absolutely sure about which port(s) your DVR is using and require port forwarding.
  3. Make sure you know your WAN / Internet IP address on the network where your DVR is located by running this tool from a computer on the same network with your DVR:
  4. If you are still stuck, when trying to connect using the WAN IP address while on the same network as the DVR, try from a different network
  5. DO NOT try accessing from your dyndns hostname until you have successfully connected using the Internet IP address directly first (to make sure the problem is not with the dynamic dns service).