Re: Have no idea why I can't view cameras remotely

Mike Haldas


Sorry to hear you are still having trouble. My honest recommendation is to return the DVR system that you bought from the Ebay and get your money back. It is unacceptable to buy something as technical as a surveillance system and not get any support.

CCTV Camera Pros does this setup for customers remotely over the Internet when our equipment is used. Unfortunately, we know even less about your DVR than you do because it is not our product.

In case you are unable to return your DVR, I will provide some links below that will hopefully help you but again keep in mind that these are instructions for CCTV Camera Pros equipment and explanations about general concepts. You still need to figure out the specifics to get your DVR to work.

You need to know the following for your DVR at least:

1) Do you access your DVR from a PC using a web browser or was a software application provided on CD?

2) If browser, are only certain ones supported?

3) Which mobile apps are used for iPhone, iPad, Android?

4) Is a different port used for mobile access?

Once you know these things, these articles should help you:

If you are still stuck, do yourself a favor and return that surveillance system that you bought from Ebay and purchase a real DVR from a real company that will support it. Our iDVR is the best on the market.