Re: Help me learn!


Hi Mike. Thought you might get a chuckle out of this. We have rectified our problem here and Im still smiling. I was in touch with Thomas Wu from Geovision and he really tried to help, but could pnly verify that the card was a fake. Hmmm!!!?? I can be pretty devious myself and after some 10 phone calls to these guys, finally convinced them that we really needed their help getting things working again. Well, Monday morning and guess whos sitting in front of my office this morning. Oh yes, lock the doors and start reaming them. I told them I was in touch with GV directly and we know the cards a fake. Seems they got a legit package and replaced the real board with a fake. Long story short, we now have a brand new, in the box (computer box) GV-800 installed and working. I have all software, hardware and serial numbers. Cost!!!??? $0. When the attorney made her presence know, everyone got real righteous. There is only one distributor here and he is aware of these guys also. They cant get anything from him without careful scrutiny. Thanks to you and to Thomas for all the info. I couldnt have done this without learning something from you. Many thanks again. The good guys won!

Robert and Marcia Eller

Eurodata English/Infomatica

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil