Re: Multiple Location Remote Security Camera View

Mike Haldas

An existing NUUO customer contacted us and asked the following related question:

I purchased a NUUO surveillance system a while back and they have been working well. In reference to the remote viewer, it appears that I am limited to 16

connections, is there a way of increasing that number or is there a client I could install on multiple pcs so that I could view all 6 cameras on 5 different PC at on time. That would be a total of like 30


CCTV Camera Pros reply:

The NUUO remote live view client supports up to 25 cameras on one screen. You can create multiple screens. The cameras can all be at the same location or at multiple locations. This is the remote live view client that I am talking about that is on the NUUO CD. The web browser view is different that the remote view client and supports up to 16 cameras on one screen.

If you are using the NUUO remote live view client and do not see support for up to 25 cameras, you may need to upgrade to the latest version of NUUO. I believe that it was a fairly recent release that began support for 25 cameras on one screen. You can download the latest version of NUUO software here: