Re: The disk usage states 100%…

Mike Haldas


CCTV Camera Pros is not a distributor of Eyemax DVRs, so I am not familiar with them. However, I will give you some troubleshooting techniques that may help. These steps are typically used on any brand DVR.

1) Try going into the DVRs configuration and making it so that the disk space is automatically overwritten when full. Most DVRs have a selling like this.

2) If that does not work, power your DVR down, open your DVR and disconnect the hard drive. Boot it up without the HDD connected and see if you have the same problem. If that solves the problem, you may have a bad HDD.

3) As long as you do not have any surveillance footage that you do not need to keep. Go into your DVRs settings and re-format the hard drive.

I hope this helps to solve the problem you are having.


-Mike Haldas