Re: Unhappy with Lorex Surveillanc DVR System


I have to agree with Keith. I don't usually post on forums, but Lorex almost caused the death of my five month old son, so I want other people out there to know that they should stay away from purchasing CCTV's from Lorex.

I bought my first Lorex product from Costco; it was a little white handheld monitor with a cradle and two cameras. It cost about $150. Within one month, the cradle broke, and my wife & I had to return it. We decided to upgrade to the $300 model.

We noticed problems with it from the start. It was supposed to have a sensor, so that when noise or motion occurred within the field of view of a camera, it would turn on and notify us. It didn't. The $300 sensor just sat there, blank. My wife would then run up to me and say, "Didn't you hear him crying?" I had the monitor right in front of me!

We didn't think much of it, just said, "yeah, we need to return this POS," and put it on the to-do list. But then one night, our son Gabriel sat up for the first time, leaned forward, and landed headfirst in a pile of pillows. He might have suffocated, and the Lorex system notified us of nothing.

My wife was furious, and contacted Lorex. They informed us that our product had been an "open box" item, and had been returned before. So, they obviously sold us a returned, defective item as brand-new and charged us full price. The customer service rep was rude and unhelpful, even as my wife described how our son might have died because their product failed to work properly.

There are plenty of CCTV products out there. Don't choose Lorex. They sold us a faulty product as brand new, their customer service is awful, and, as a concerned father, the risk of death/injury is very real. If you care about what your CCTV is monitoring, don't choose Lorex!