Re: Video Signal Splitter for CCTV Cameras

I was wondering if you could help me answer a few question(s). I have one CCTV camera that I wish to be displayed on a monitor in the living room and also have it record in a different room that has a DVR with monitor. Do I need a video amplifier, so that there will not be a lost in signal? The connection on the back of the dome camera is a BNC. Could I just use a BNC splitter/Y connector so that one connection from the camera goes to the DVR and the other connection goes to the monitor in the living room. What I am concerned about is the 75ohms signal degragation or is this not a concern.

Lastly, if a video amp is needed and say the system is expanded to a total of 4 CCTV cameras, will I need a video amplifier for each CCTV camera? What amp would you recommend?

CCTV Camera Pros recommend the following:

Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. To properly split an analog video signal from one camera to two signals, you should consider this video splitter / amp:

If you want to split the signal for 4 cameras, you should look at this product:

You can find all of our BNC video splitters and amps on this page:

Please let me know if we can help further.

The system is expanded to a total of four CCTV cameras