Re: Wireless Camera System Questions

Mike Haldas

First, I would recommend a NUUO PC based DVR because you can start with an 8 channel DVR and over time expand it up to 64 cameras. Also, NUUO surveillance DVRs support both CCTV cameras and IP cameras. You need to use IP cameras for the cameras that will be accessed pver a wireless bridge. Here is a link to the NUUO PC based DVR that I recommend:

If you prefer to use your own computer, you can use a NUUO DVR card for the wired cameras at the home location. Here is a link to the cards and the IP camera software:

Both can be used together on the same PC.

For the cameras at the home location, please reply to this post and let us know if the cameras will be going indoor or outdoor.

The following wireless camera system can be used provide communication between the recorder at the home location and the shop and barn locations. The barn and shop will each need need a one of these:

These can transmit the signal of up to 4 IP cameras. For the outdoor cameras, I recommend this camera:

For the indoor model, this one does a great job:

There is no additional cost from CCTV Camera Pros for monthly Internet access to your cameras. As long as you have a high speed connection, you can setup remote access using these instructions:

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.