Re: Wireless IP Camera System Questions

Mike Haldas


Please see answers below:

1) How do you connect these cameras to the wireless network? You can use add on wireless receivers like these:

These are actually sets consisting of both transmitters & receivers. With each of these you can configure both of the antennas to be receivers to connect to an existing wireless network.

2) Does each camera have its own IP address that we could set up a link for online?


3) How would we go about doing so?

You can access the cameras directly from Internet Explorer web browser.

4) Can multiple users view the same camera feed simultaneously?

Yes, but keep in mind that you are limited by how much bandwidth your network can support. The more users that log on, the slower the response time will be.

5) How difficult are the cameras to install? Are there any special steps that we would need to be aware of?

As long as you can run the cables between the cameras and wireless add-on, and you can supply power to the cameras, the rest is easy.

6) What do you think about the feasibility of our project?

It is feasable. You just need to make sure it is realistic for you as far as how much bandwidth you have available on your network.

7) Do you have a ballpark price estimate for everything we would need?

The link above will show you the pricing for the wireless antennas. That price would be per 2 cameras if you have an existing wireless mess network already in place on your campus. Here are some links to IP cameras that we recommend with pricing:

8) Is this even the best way to go about implementing such a system, or are there other setups that you feel would be better?

A wired system is always more reliable than wireless. If you can tap in to the network using wiring, you are better off.

Please reply if you have further questions.