Re: Wireless Security Camera System Questions

Mike Haldas

Follow up questions & comments form the gun range owner:

The sketch is kind of crude because I used MS Paint and Im no artist but it gets the job done J and I have made some corrections to the sketch.

The shooting range is in a remote location. It is accessible using a dirt road. There is no 110 VAC power available. Its out in the woods. J

Since I dont have a 110 VAC power source available at our location, I will use a battery and an inverter to provide the 110 VAC. I can then use the POE and plug my notebook computer in using the standard power supply.

My laptop has wireless network capability built in but for this application I wont need to connect to anything else. I could connect with the wireless connection if you think it would be better.

The camera has ePTZ. I am not familiar with that. I assume it simulates the camera connected to a mount that moves. Is the ePTZ function controllable through the network connection and how much movement is there? The target is 36 in x 36 in. and I need to scan and focus in on a specific area of that surface.

Reply from CCTV Camera Pros:

I would definitely recommend connecting to the laptop wired, and not wireless to the bridge antenna. In regards to the ePTZ function of the IP camera, it stands for electronic pan tilt zoom. The camera does not actually move, but instead allows you to digitally zoom in to different part of the video focus area. This camera is able to support that because it is a megapixel camera and supports high resolution. So, for example if you have the camera focused on the width and height of the target and you need to zoom in a bit more on a specific part of the target to confirm it was in fact hit, you will be able to do that using the ePTZ function.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. It is great that you are doing all of this thorough research upfront to make sure you get exactly what you are need. It is no problem if you have more questions. We prefer to answer as much as possible upfront rather than have you get something that does not fit your requirements.