Re: Zavio IP Camera 2-way Audio Support

Mike Haldas

CCTV Camera Pros received the following questions related to this topic:

The basic intention of writing to you is to understand more about Zavio video server. I have Zavio video server with me, which I bought from a local CCTV distributor. I want to use Zavio Video server to achieve a Video door phone concept. I want to connect Zavio to an analogue camera and connect a microphone & amplifier speaker to it, to ensure that a 2 way communication can happen. I hope my understanding about the Video server is correct. Please advice.

I need your answers to my following questions about Zavio video server :

1. As I read somewhere that the audio feature is only supported over internet explorer. So thus it means that if i am using a MAC laptop / ipad and using safari i browse through the Zavio video server, i will not be able to listen to microphone connected to video server & talk back to the person using microphone of my MAC laptop or Ipad. Please advice if this is any how possible?

That is correct, the Audio is only supported using the Active X implementatiom via Internet Explorer.

2. Do we have a IP camera which supports 2 Way audio using Safari?

There are no IP cameras that I know if on the market at this time that support audio surveillance using the Safari web browser.

3. Does Zavio video server would support 2 way audio on a windows based tablet? If i am doing a 2 way communication using a windows tablet, whether the microphone of my tablet will automatically get activated when i want to talk to other person & my voice will come out of speakers connected to the video server. Please advice.

As long as the windows tablet is using the Active X controls via Internet Explorer, then I am 99% sure it will work. I can not be 100% sure only because I do not have a Windows tablet here to test with.