Reply To: IP Cam wireless to PC?


This is something I am looking in to.
However, it is on the high priced side. Normally I would like to buy from the people who help me with the info and stuff, however I need to stay within a budget.

I don’t need viewing over the internet, just across the room and don’t want to spend all the extra money on a separate router, etc.

would you know of any $100 (give/take) IP camera solutions that can be connected to directly by laptop\desktop over wifi without the need of a router, and able to have security set so that only I can connect.

would also like one that doesn’t broadcast what it is, or any ssid to keep would be hackers or other nosy people from trying to break in to the stream.

one that runs of AC directly or via a AC\DC adapter.

I am well within 100ft range.

I also don’t need any IR night vision or motion sensors, etc. etc.

thanks for ANY links or info you can share on this subject! ^.^