31 location CV2 and Bandwidth Geovision Software.

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    I have sold a 31 location Small Enterprise. Each store will have 4 cameras and 1 sound pack, 31 GV800-16 DVR's. I will be putting these on the Internet and using CV2 to receive at headquarters if it is workable.

    The question is; is there a formula to calculate the bandwidth required to download maybe 65 of 124 motion activated into the CV2 over the internet? I have not sold them this technology yet due to the fact that I am concerned on the limitations of the Internet.

    Would it be something like say, 368kb*31=11408(11mb) uploaded to 20mb download, and will this affect 6 to 10 users with light traffic on the headquarters local Lan, streaming high incoming traffic during the day and little or none at night 24/7?

    My largest client before this business was 18 locations and recently found out he will spend the 450 dollars a month for T1 capabilities and would like to do the same for him. He has hired a person full-time to watch his locations and does it from a 1.5/6 connection.

    The other question is, has anybody used the Bandwidth program that comes with Geovison software to control bandwidth usage and if yes, is it worth researching into this technology?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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