Can't connect to Geovision webcam server using Windows Vista

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    Mike Haldas

    The following chat transcript was taken recently while we helped a customer with Geovision webcam server problems.

    Customer: I cant connect to the Geovision webcam server on my computer for some reason, but i noticed that all my other laptops that have windows xp installed work fine is there a reason? what do i have to do?

    Geovision Support: Hello. Try disabling your firewall and make sure that Internet Explorer is set to enable or prompt for all active X settings.

    Customer: I already did do that on all other computers, but this computer is set up with windows vista. i did the active x thing already.

    Geovision Support: did you disable the firewall?

    Geovision Support: are you running Geovision 8.12?

    Customer: no i did not disable the firewall how?

    Geovision Support: Go into the windows control panel and select classic view on the left, then select windows firewall

    Customer: it is disabled, it says your computer is not protected.

    Geovision Support: are you running version 8.12 of Geovision?

    Customer: how do I know? I have a 16 camera system.

    Geovision Support: one sec. let me see…

    Customer: it lets me highlight mpeg4 encoder viewer then i click select, next page is the problem i cant select dsl it does not highlight and i cant select multiview.

    Geovision Support: in your Geovision system click on the system button (the one with a hammer and screw driver), then select version information.

    Customer: right know I am at a remote location but give me info and I will change the system right.

    Geovision Support: if you are not on version 8.12, vista will not work and you need to upgrade. You can get instructions on upgrading here:

    Geovision Support: please let us know if you need anything else.

    Customer: thank you

    Geovision Support: Your Welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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