Different Use For Zavio Video Server

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    Am using a Zavio V111T video server in a unique way and need some help.

    Am setting up a small-footprint system where a remote television camera's video and audio enters a Zavio server. This server feeds the mpeg-4 stream through a Cradlepoint router and an aircard to an internet DDNS address. From my end, I go to the DDNS address, and bring the stream back here for broadcast.

    A couple of hitches in my giddyap. I can navigate through the internet ALL THE WAY to the admin page of the Zavio and see a jpeg on its home page, but I just can't seem to trigger (or find) the actual video/audio stream.

    Have opened up all obvious ports both ways through the router (Admin port, RTSP port, UPnp HTTP port, UPnP SSL Port, UpnP Mpeg4 RTSP Port.) Just can't seem to grab the right wire.

    Support info for this Zavio V111T is hard to come by, so I hope someone here has some experience.

    (addl info: Using a Cradlepoint CTR-500 router and a Sprint aircard.)

    Thanks for any light you can shed..


    Mike Haldas


    Thanks for sharing this interesting use of the Zavio video server. I am always interested in learning from advanced integrations and uses for video surveillance equipment such as this. If you email me at mike@cctvcamerapros.net, I would like to get the login information to the server so that I can take a look and hopefully help you out.


    -Mike Haldas

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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