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    Mike Haldas

    I am working with a client who wants to stream multiple cam feeds live on the website that I am developing for them and I am considering using network IP cameras.

    I am a web developer and and Internet marketing specialist. Considering that networking isn’t really part of my background (yet), I have a few questions that you may be able to help me out with in regards to using Zavio IP cameras for this. From your article, “Embed IP Camera into Web Page with Zavio“, it is my understanding that with Zavio IP Cameras you can use iframe HTML code to embed live streams directly into a web page. That seems perfect for my application. However, my client would like to have multiple cameras for view on a web page. I am curious, what the cheapest/most efficient way of connecting these IP cameras network would be?

    If you recommend using the Zavio cameras for this purpose I would be interested in possibly getting a few Zavio D3200 2 Megapixel Mini Dome Network Cameras.

    Would I need a router, switch, or server to make the changes (on the Zavio setup client) I need to embed them onto a web page?

    Any information/insight will help in this situation. I appreciate your feedback!

    Here is the information that I provided to this customer.

    Thank you for reading my article and for contacting me. Yes, Zavio IP cameras are a great choice to embed live video into a web page. The Zavio D3200 would work the same as any other model Zavio camera because they all use the same firmware and user interface. That means that you can use the iframe embedding method described in the article that you referred to.

    You will need a high speed Internet connection and a router at the location of the cameras to make this work. You will connect each IP camera to your router using CAT5 and setup port forwarding rules for each camera on the router. This would require each camera be configured to work on a different port. We can give you a hand with setting up those pieces in you need it.

    Our technical support is the best in the industry. Here is a recent review left this customer that we helped setup a live camera feed on their webpage.
    Web Page Live Camera Setup

    That live web cam was setup using a Zavio network video server and a analog CCTV camera from their existing security system. We use a 1 in to 2 out CCTV video splitter so that the camera could feed both their existing DVR and the Zavio video server. The embedded video on their website comes from the network server. You can see the live camera feed on their website here.

    Here is a screenshot of the implementation.
    IP Camera Live Video Embed Web Page

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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