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    Mike Haldas

    Geovision 8.4 software has been released. CCTV Camera Pros has Geovision 8.4 available to download here:

    Some of the new features of Geovision 8.4 are:

    • Support for Vivotek IP cameras: FD7131, FD7132, FD7141, FD8161, FD8361, IP7130, IP7133, IP7137, IP7160, IP7330, IP8330, IP8332, IZ7151, PZ7122, SD7313 and SD7323
    • Support for GV-FE110 fisheye camera and ImmerVision IMV1 Panomorph lens
    • Video compacting by keeping key frames only
    • Schedule center for compacting video, merging video, and fast backup and restore
    • Face count and detection function
    • Compatibility with IP devices using ONVIF/PSIA standards
    • On demand display to automatically adjust live view resolution for dual-stream video
    • Economic mode to customize recording frame rate for IP devices
    • Listing tampering alarm events from IP devices in system log
    • Round-the-clock audio recording
    • Support for AMR and AAC audio codec
    • Support for new PTZ cameras: VDI CT-58SPD, Bosch G3 and COP 15-CD55TW Pelco D
    • Support for new GeoVision IP cameras: GV-BL110D, GV-BX120D, BX220D, GV-BX320D, GV-FE110, GV-PT110D and GV-PTZ010D
    • Support for more ACTi IP cameras: CAM-6610N, TCD-2500, TCM-1511, TCM-3511 and TCM-5611
    • Support for more Axis IP cameras: M1011, M3011, M3014, P1311, P1343, P1344, P1346, P3343, P3344, P5534 and Q1755
    • Support for more Canon IP cameras: VB-C500D and VB-C60B
    • Support for more CNB IP cameras: IVP4030VR KC1 and INS2000 KC1
    • Support for more D-Link IP cameras: DCS-3415, DCS-5230, DCS-6110 and DCS-3411
    • Support for more EtroVision IP cameras: EV6150A, EV6151A, EV6250A and EV8150A
    • Support for more MOBOTIX IP cameras: D12 and Q24
    • Support for Panasonic BB-HCM715
    • Support for more Pelco IP cameras: IXS0C and IXE20C
    • Support for more Sanyo IP cameras: VCC-HD2100P and VCC-HD2300P
    • Support for more Sony IP cameras: SNC-DH140, SNC-RH124 and SNT-EX104

    For a complete list of new features, please visit:


    thanx a lot


    thanx a lott mike

    Mike Haldas

    I have a black box netrome security system, and I would like to know if I can access my cameras on my iPad. I download several apps to my iPad but nothing seems to work


    Mike Haldas

    Hello Bev,

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with the DVR. You may want to contact the vendor you purchased the unit from, they should be able to give you some incite.

    Thanks James


    Thank you very much for posting this new version, Mike.

    Dr. Michaels


    I downloaded thus because I had 8.01 and it is working great. I was just wondering if the DNS server was included in this download? If so how do I access it? Thank you for the download it's a lot better than 8.01.

    Mike Haldas

    Paul G. Reed,

    The DNS is a separate program. You can download the DNS client here —

    Setup Instructions —

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks James

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