Multiple Surveillance Monitor Setup

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    Mike Haldas

    Here is a chat transcript that we recently had with one of our customers regarding a multiple surveillance monitor setup:

    Customer: I would like to play 3 out of the 8 cameras I have onto the TV in my lobby. Can you tell me how I would go about doing that? Currently I have 16 BNC Video Inputs, 2 BNC Video Output and 1 VGA.

    Customer Support: Usually VGA is used for the main monitor connected to the DVR. If 1 of the 2 BNC video outputs is labeled as "spot monitor", this will allow you to select channels you wish to display in the lobby.

    Customer: None of them are labeled as spot from what I can see. Can you tell me what I would need to order please.

    Customer Support: Most likely one of them is so you just need a BNC cable –

    with a BNC to VGA Convertor –

    and a VGA Monitor –

    I believe this is the most affordable solution.

    Customer: Would I be able to display it on the TV that I currently have in the lobby?

    Customer Support: Most modern flat screen TVs have a VGA video input.

    Customer: Ok being that I would like to display 3 of the cameras would I need more than one bnc/vga converter? Also I still need it to go to the DVR so would I need some kind of a splitter as well?

    Customer Support: No, this is on the video output side. DVR spot monitor out to BNC to VGA Converter, then converter to TV.

    Customer: So it would display all the cameras?

    Customer Support: This is why you have to determine if either of those BNC outputs have spot monitor functionality. This allows you to select specific channels to display to a secondary monitor. Rather than just duplicating the entire main display.

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