Nuuo Port Forwarding for Remote Viewing

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    What port do I need to forward on my router to view the nuuo system on the internet?



    Mike Haldas


    First see which ports your NUUO system is set to use for the live streaming service. Do this by clicking on the config button from your main console and selecting Network Service. On the network service screen, click on the live streaming icon in the upper left. You should see a screen like this one:


    The two ports that you need to forward in your router are circled above. In the above example, you would access the NUUO live streaming server from Internet Explorer by going to:


    You can also watch a video of this setup by going here:

    Please let us know if we can help further.

    Thank You.




    i use local ip and it's fix ip and also i fix my dns server too on my server .and do the serttings that here have but i coulden't access to playback and liveview page….can u help me more….



    can it be because of License

    because i have error on my IE page


    Mike Haldas


    Did you forward the following ports 80, 5150 and 5160?

    Thanks James

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