Zavio D7110 Issues and Firmware download


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    I just purchased 15 of these devices. I actually was ordering D7110 devices but these arrived.

    Some have older firmware in them that NUUO IP Mainconsole does not like. (May 3 2012) The November 2012 firmware works fine. I cannot connect to the web site.

    Is there another source for the firmware or can the firmware be transfered from one of the working devices?

    Thank you,



    Hello Rhodesj2314,

    I just checked and ZAVIOs site is up. You can download the firmware here —

    If you are unable to download from the link above please let me know and I will upload the latest D7110 f/w to our server send you a link.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks James



    Thank you James,

    It must be an issue with AT&T. I am doing a tracert

    to and it gets out of both my home and work networks to AT&T. It dies at our external AT&T IP address.

    From home it takes 6 hops on AT&T IPs then times out. Arrggh. It would be nice if Zavio has a mirror site in the US.

    Jim R




    Thank you for your help. I downloaded the firmware file to my phone then copied it to my PC.

    Take care,

    Jim R

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