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    Mike Haldas

    The following questions were submitted by a customer that wanted to use IP cameras with Mac computers and iPhones. CCTV Camera Pros recommended looking at Zavio IP cameras which meet most of his requirements.

    Questions: Does using an IP camera bypass the need to have my MAC turned on all the time to view my camera through my iphone? Currently I am using my iPhone to view the camera that is attached to my MAC, but for it to work the MAC has to stay on all the time. If I use an IP camera does the software still have to be running all the time? I still want the motion detection and the recording. I am hoping an IP camera will bypass the need to have my MAC on 24/7.

    Answer: Yes, by using any Zavio IP camera, the iCamViewer app can connect directly to the camera. There is no need to have a PC running to remotely view the camera.

    Question: Will I have to go through Port Forwarding setup in order to access the cameras remotely? I find this difficult to do.

    Answer: For customers that buy equipment from CCTV Camera Pros, we can do the port forwarding setup for you remotely if you need help. We also have great resources for our customers to use like this one:

    iPhone Access To My IP Security Camera Works Over WIFI But Not Cellular

    Questions: Okay I'm looking at the Zavio F312A. You've answered if I can watch the camera via the iPhone, yes it can, and the camera works directly without needing a PC/MAC running. I see that the camera has motion detection. Will it send an email/text message when motion is detected? And will it start recording the images during the motion and save on the iPhone? The recording of motion to the iPhone is a really cool feature that I would like to find support for.

    Answer: Zavio IP cameras can send email on a motion triggered event. You can also set the email address to be the address of your text device if your provider supports email to text function. However, it can not directly send a text from the IP camera to the phone. I do not know of any IP camera that does because of the need to use a GSM model to do this.

    Please let us know if we can help further.

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