Geovision DVR Cards: What’s inside the Box?

The following video shows what comes inside the box when you order a Geovision DVR Card.

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Complete Video Transcript:
Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros Geovision video instrucion series.
In this video, we will show you what comes inside the box when you order a Geovision DVR card. Here is the box that the cards come in.

Inside there is a CD case that has 2 CDs:

One CD is the current version of the Geovision Surveillance System Software that installs into your Windows computer.

The other CD is a Geovision Tutorial CD.

Two manuals come with each Geovision Card:

A Geovision System Installation Guide.

and a Geovision New Feature Guide.

A static free bag is used to protect the Geovision card.

This particular card is the 4 channel GV-800.

Last, here is the audio port which is optional to use.

If you choose to use audio, the port simply plugs into the card as shown here.

Those are the items that come with a Geovision DVR Card.

We hope that this video was helpful to show you exactly what comes inside a Geovision box when you order from CCTV Camera Pros.

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