HD CCTV Picture-and-Picture with Geovision HD-SDI DVR Card

The CCTV Camera Pros research team has been thoroughly testing HD CCTV technology, including Geovision HD-SDI cards and cameras. As a master distributor of Geovision products, CCTV Camera Pros provides direct technical support to our customers and we are committed to having our team become experts on HD-SDI. HD-SDI CCTV is a fairly new technology, as far as it being used in video surveillance systems, and so far looks extremely promising as a great solution for customers that want HD video quality (1080p or 720p resolution) but do not want to manage an IP network with IP cameras. Many IP camera manufacturers will have you believe that HD-SDI will die, but we think that they are wrong. What we see in our testing so far is the same plug and play user experience that analog CCTV customers are use to, but with the benefit of high resolution video (comparable to 2-megapixel IP cameras).

Below is a screen shot that was taken while we tested a 1080p HD-SDI CCTV camera connected to a PC based Geovision DVR that was built with the GV-SDI-204 DVR card. The Geovision software is switched to a single camera view with PAP (picture-and-picture) enabled. This software feature that is built into Geovision and included with all DVR cards allows up to 3 regions to be defined within the camera view. These regions create up to three virtual camera views so sub-areas of the camera can be monitored as if they are separate cameras.

Click on image for larger view.

The 1080p resolution of the HD-SDI camera used in this test is what allows the picture-and-picture feature to work so well. Because of the high resolution, the Geovision software is able to digitally zoom into the image sub-areas and still capture a clear video image.

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