Re: Audio Surveillance System

Mike Haldas


Again, CCTV Camera Pros way more specializes in video surveillance and offers audio as an add-on so any system we have is more centered around video surveillance. That being said, the simplest and most affordable solution that we have to offer is the following:

  1. One NUUO DVR PCI card with 4 channel video / 4 channel audio
  2. This stand alone audio surveillance microphone
  3. You can either choose a premade audio/ video surveillance cables that runs both the audio and video to use with the mic or you can use a spool of RG59 siamese cable with BNC and RCA ends that you put on your self like these:

As much as I do not like to turn down business, we are honest here and recommend that if you are implementing an audio surveillance only solution that you may want to see if there are better audio only solution available on the market.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.