Re: BIPRO-S600VF12 no color image in daytime


Thanks Mike for the quick response. I had successfully reset the camera today. Like I said before, this problem occurred around four times, but this last time the failure had occurred again after only a few days. I only have one power supply for this cameras rating; it is the PSPRO-12vdc1.5amp Regulated Single Power Supply 12 Volt 1.5 Amp-1500mA. All my other cameras use 12vdc1.0amp power supplies. I do not think it is the power supply, because I have not seen any other problems. I will order another power supply to check this out as you recommended, at least I will have a spare. Please advise if there is a different recommended power supply. I do have an extra PSPRO-12vdc1amp Regulated Single Power Supply 12 Volt 1 Amp-1000mA if this is good enough to use. The spec sheet recommends a 1500ma power supply so that is what I am using.

Aside from this issue the camera works great. I do not use the IR beam at night, because I have enough ambient light from other sources. It is amazing how low light sensitive this camera is. The great range of 2.8mm-12mm vari-focal allows for huge flexibility in camera placement. Thanks again for your help.