Re: Geovision iPhone Application GV-iView


Hello Jim and all,

I am having odd trouble with version 1.2.1 on three iPhone 4 devices, running on Verizon 3G cell phone / data network. Radio signals are strong and data connection is very good.

Loaded 1.2.1 onto two iPhone 4 phones. Worked fine for about 3 hours in the same location (strong signals, good data connection). Then the camera images stopped updating, only frozen camera images remained. Deleted and reinstalled 1.2.1 but that did not help.

Loaded Android version onto two different models of Motorola Android 4G phones also on Verizon network. Working fine for many days, no problems.

Then tested one of the iPhones with a nearby wi-fi router. 1.2.1 worked fine using a wi-fi signal, but not the cell phone data signals.

Android phones still work fine with either the cell phone signal or the wi-fi signal.

Verizon claims they are neutral, and their network is not stopping any data. I think they are right, since the app did work briefly on two iPhones, and still works fine on Android using the same ports, etc.

And finally, remote viewing using desktop or laptop computers & GV viewing app is working just fine.

Any suggestions about this odd problem are most welcome.

Thanks to all, pixel