Re: Geovision iPhone Application GV-iView


Hello Mike,

Thanks again for the help, and advice. My kind words above were no blowing smoke. I am grateful for if not for all this I would have never got this far. Still having same issues and besides my own inabilities it just seems like Im missing something easy.

1. Cant and never have been able to get RPB to work. (neither home network or 3 g.

2. Can get live playback to do well where one would need it the least,,,,, at home network and not ever 3 g.

3 Went back through all your suggestions Mike and the port forwards etc and still feel like Im "missing something" (" besides everthing after 1969"kidding)

Want to believe my inputting of the wan ip etc is wrong for i cant seem to get it to work with different i phone aps that allow cam views.

Could I please ask for your suggestions again. Thanks so much.