Re: Geovision iPhone Application GV-iView


Hello everyone. I have a geovision dvr connected to my home network and I can access it just fine from my iphone 4 , with the gv-iview app. when i try to use the app on my iphone outside my network using at&t 3g, i can only get the recorded view portion to work. When i select the live view (dvr) using the required same ip address it starts to go to the six camera split screen page, but it is all black and only shows dvr and record button for a breif moment then it crashes and the app clodes completly. I have all the required ports open, 8866. 80, 5511, etc. I have checked them using the open port tool. The only thing that seems wierd is I cant port forward port 80 to my netgear router. It says it is already being us by other configurations. But the port checker tool says its open. And like i said the app does work with recorded view, just not live view. The geovision capture card is 1480 ver. 8.3.4, and my iphone app is Gv-iView v2.1.1. Do you know how to correct this problem. I see it over and over again on support forumns and I have tried many of the tips I found on the forumns. Let me know if you have a solution. Thanks