Re: Geovision iPhone Application GV-iView


thanks JC that helped but i still cant get this to work. ill type out everything i did.

1. my REMOTE address is for example (not real) 68.222.888.999

2. my ip address is for example (not real)

3. in linksys i used 80 to 80 both enabled

and then repeat for port 4550, 5550, 8866, and 5511

4. i checked all my ports with the port test tool provided and im being told every port is closed

5. on the mobile tab in server setup i have that checked and my port is 8866 and then the rpb port is 5511, max connection 20, max fps 30

6. jpg tab is set to create jpeg/gif file with quality at 100

7. on my device i have https off, ip set to my Ip address, port set to 8866 then my id and password to geovision

8. i didnt touch the remote authentication cause i was told not too.

what am i doing wrong here? btw i have a linksys router