Re: iphone Security Camera Support Questions

Mike Haldas

Follow up iPhone questions from customer:

  1. Which out door IP cameras wired and wireless will work. I phone/mac. I guess you could put in a housing.

All of the IP cameras on this page have been confirmed to work with the iPhone & MAC using safari:

These network video servers can allow any CCTV camera that we supply work with iPhone & MAC:

  • I would guess the software could be run on a MAC that was using Parrells running Windows. Will the software allow recording.

    You can not use your MAC for recording. For recording, a windows PC is required or a stand alone network video recorder (NVR).

  • Can the software allow viewing and recording for multiple locations.

    Viewing from multiple locations is not a problem. Recording is more tricky because if requires a lot of upload bandwidth speed to do.

  • Please post any follow up questions.