Re: JPEG H.264 Dual Codec Surveillance DVR- internet viewing failure

Mike Haldas


Below is the recommendation from the DVR manufacturer:

Here are a few tips to follow when using the network on the DVR:

Lets be sure that the customers clicks "Disconnect" before closing any instances of the client software.

Ask your customer if they are doing the remote connection from a wired line or wireless connection, wireless connections can drop or timeout before you have the chance to properly disconnect and end the session.

When using Transmitter, make sure that the bitrate set in the "SETUP" part of the Transmitter is less than or equal to the actual connection bitrate, usually the default bitrate is 500Kbps and most bitrate connections are around 200Kbps from a remote location. Having the SETUP bitrate higher than the real bitrate connection speed can lead to network bottlenecks and timeouts. Our office machine has these settings:


Also, have your customer do a speed test at the DVR location ( and check the upload speed, you customer should have at least a consistent 384Kbps upload at the DVR location for the remote connection to be practical.

Finally, check the firmware for the DVRs that are giving you problems, if the Dual Codec DVR has a firmware older than 1.34 then update to the version 1.34.

Please remember that we also need to isolate all other factors by connecting the DVR directly to a PC with a crossover cable and connect for an extended periods of time to see if we can duplicate the network problems. Our office dual codec has firmware 1.34 and network wise is rock solid (never disconnects).

Please let us know if this helps.