Re: New System Install w/ 11 cameras (Q-See QT5116-1)

Mike Haldas

Hello kylejb2663,

Squiggly lines can be from a number of things such as cable interference, bad terminations and the most common insufficient amount of power.

You stated that you are using a PTZ camera. Most PTZ cameras do typically require a higher amperage power source because of the motorized lens , heater/blower etc. I would check with Q-see and make sure the power box provided will work with the PTZ camera in addition to the other 8 cameras.

Second I would check the cable being used. We CCTV Camera Pros have had issues with PTZ cameras and Plug-n-Play cables (pre-terminated cables)I would make sure you are using RG59 Siamese cable for the video and power of the PTZ camera.

If it is interference more commonly known as a ground loop you can use our Ground Loop Isolators.

I hope this helps.

Thanks James