New System Install w/ 11 cameras (Q-See QT5116-1)

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    Hey Guys,

    New forum user here!! Thought I'd try my luck and see if you guys can help me out with something-

    I am installing a new system using the Q-See 16 Channel DVR (QT5116-1). We have a total of 11 cameras, 8 of them being normal Q-See cameras (QSM1424C2), one PTZ Q-See Camera, and two External Cameras (CP0613). We are running these all using CAT5e cabling with video/power baluns.

    However, it seems like we are starting to get squigly lines or when we plug in another camera all the other cameras go out of focus. I should mention that we are also using the Q-See Power Box that supports up to 18 cameras. We tested all the cameras before we even started the job and they all worked fine. We only had one camera plugged into the DVR at a time (During testing) and that was whichever one we were testing.

    Any ideas guys? Thanks for all you're help!!!

    Mike Haldas

    Hello kylejb2663,

    Squiggly lines can be from a number of things such as cable interference, bad terminations and the most common insufficient amount of power.

    You stated that you are using a PTZ camera. Most PTZ cameras do typically require a higher amperage power source because of the motorized lens , heater/blower etc. I would check with Q-see and make sure the power box provided will work with the PTZ camera in addition to the other 8 cameras.

    Second I would check the cable being used. We CCTV Camera Pros have had issues with PTZ cameras and Plug-n-Play cables (pre-terminated cables)I would make sure you are using RG59 Siamese cable for the video and power of the PTZ camera.

    If it is interference more commonly known as a ground loop you can use our Ground Loop Isolators.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks James

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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