Re: PTZ autoscan


Hi Mike


Further to this, I was able to set the autoscan from within the camera, but I then lost all control of the camera from the software. I was able to get into to the menu of the camera through the GeoVision software. I can use the U and D keys to navigate. However, ENTER (iris open) has no effect. Is this specific to certain cameras, i.e. I need to use another key instead?

I then configured the cameras through the software to tour through 16 presets, and could probably refine it to 64. Not ideal, but it works. While I can regain control of the camera on the server, I can no longer do so using webcam/DMMultiview. I get a message "no PTZ device available. Any ideas?

Finally, if I am using this preset tour, is it possible to use object tracking? I was inform that object tracking only works with the camera in the home position, which would negate the tour.

Again thanks