Re: Remote Internet Viewable Surveillance System

Mike Haldas

Follow up question from customer:

Thank you Mike. In an IP based surveillance camera system, is an NVR ncessary? If it is only for live viewing? Or is it possible to simply plug a bank of cameras directly into a router?

Answers from CCTV Camera Pros:

It is not necessary unless you want to record or view multiple cameras remotely over the Internet on one screen. If you just want to view the cameras live locally from a PC then you can access each camera directly. If you want to pull together mutliple cameras on one screen, then it depends. In most cases, there is software included with IP cameras that will allow you to do this. For example, our Zavio F210A IP camera includes software that will let you view and record up to 16 Zavio IP cameras. However, if you want to view up multiple cameras on one screen from remotely over your network or the Internet, then you need to upgrade to NUUO IP camera software.

Please let us know if we can help further.