Re: Splitting CCTV Coax Cable to Geovision DVR and Mux

Mike Haldas


Thank you for posting on the CCTV forum. I created the below CCTV cabling diagram to illustrate the recommended solution. To keep the image small, I only used 4 CCTV cameras in the example, a 4 in to 8 out video splitter, and a 4 channel Geovision DVR card, but the concepts documented can be applied to any number of cameras.


Starting at the top of the diagram, the 4 CCTV cameras are connected using RG59 Siamese cable. CCTV Camera Pros recommends using 95% copper RG59 cable because of the quality and the convenience of running both power and video in a single cable. The black portion of the cable in the diagram represents the coaxial part of the cable and the red represents the 18/2 conductor power wire.

The coax cable portion goes into a 4 input to 8 output BNC cable splitter. The 18 guage power cable connects to a CCTV power supply box.

The video splitter outputs all for channels to two devices. The first device is a Geovision DVR card (which would in reality be installed in a Windows PC but now shown this way in the diagram). The second device is a CCTV multiplexer, which can then output all of the channels to a monitor (not picture in the diagram).