Re: Surveillance DVR video file to DVD file conversion

Mike Haldas

Follow up email from customer:

Thanks for the note back Mike. So if I want to play these existing .dvr files in a DVD I cant because I cant convert the file? It seems like any video that you can play on a computer should be able to convert somehow. I guess I have to ask the DVR manufacturer to write a conversion routine? I need this fixed before I buy another one.

CCTV Camera Pros DVRs least converts to an AVI which should play in a DVD right?

CCTV Camera Pros response:

I would recommend asking the manufacturer of your existing surveillance DVR if they have software that can export or convert the .DVR files into an AVI file. Once you have an AVI file, you can pretty much use any standard video software converter on windows or MAC to convert to any file format that you need, including DVD format.

It is a two step process unless you have a DVD player that can play .avi files. You should check your DVD player manual to see what files are supported. It is much more typical and most of the time more convenient to play back surveillance video on a computer instead of a DVD player. That way you do not have to go through this mutli-step export and conversion process.

The surveillance system that we sell that is by far the simplest to export video as an AVI file is our NUUO PC based DVRs which can be found here:

You can watch some online videos about the system here:

Please let us know if we can help further.