Re: Using the iCamViewer App with 2 Zavio IP Cameras question

Mike Haldas


The default port for Zavio IP cameras is 80. That is the http port which is the one you use for iCamViewer and web browser access.

In order to access two IP cameras that are on the same network from remotely over the Internet you need to configure the cameras on different ports, so one of them need to change from 80 to something else. I would recommend using 8000. The reason that you need to use different ports for the two cameras is because you need to setup port forwarding on your router for both cameras and you can not have two devices use the same port number otherwise your router would not know which one to forward requests to on port 80.

To configure two cameras for iCamViewer access:

  1. Set one camera to port 8000
  2. You can keep the other camera on the default port 80
  3. Setup port forwarding on your router for both cameras, using ports 80 and 8000
  4. Configure the cameras in iCamViewer

Let us know if you have additional questions.