Re: Video colour and streaming quality

Mike Haldas

Hello johndiamond,

In regards to plugging into a multiplexer, just curious as to why you are going through the multiplexer instead of going direct into the DVR? Also black and white images are typically caused by PAL cameras connecting to a DVR that is set to NTSC. Do you know what video source your cameras use, PAL or NTSC?

In regards to the video stream being choppy, I would advise first to remove the Multiplexer out of the equation and then see if this helps. Also in regards to connecting via iPhone you will need to make sure you have a strong wifi or 3g / 4g connection. Also within the DVR if you go to the Network menu , go to the MISC tab and make sure bandwidth is set to unlimited.

CMS and EMS passwords are both set at default to 0 (Single Zero).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.