Re: Viewing the J2000 DVR on iPhone/Remotely

Mike Haldas


I am sorry to hear that your remote viewing experience has not been great. Although we highly recommend our NUUO PC based DVRs and Geovision PC based surveillance systems for customers that want the very best remote viewing experience, the JPEG2000 Dual Codec DVR does offer a more affordable solution for those on a stricter budget. We do sell quite a few of these units and most customers are quite pleased with the performance. That being said, there is always some trouble with any system out there and usually we have a solution for the ones that we provide. Here are some suggestions for you.

1) Most remote viewing problems are related to Internet connectivity quality and not the DVR itself. Although you may think that your Internet connection is great because your web browsing experience is good, that does not mean that you connection is not dropping sometimes which would cause interruption to a more constant connection like a remote viewing video stream. A simple tool that we recommend using is a connection speed test which can be found here:

For a good experience, we recommend having a connection with at least 1MBPS download speed. Please understand the the upload speed is the important one at the location of your DVR because the video is being uploaded from that location of the DVR and downloaded on the other end where you are viewing from.

Speed is not the only issue. Your connection must also be reliable.

2) Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on your DVR. Your firmware version should not be older than version 1.34. If it is, please email us with your customer name or company name used for your order and we will reply with the download.

3) Please ensure that you purchased this equipment from CCTV Camera Pros. Many people contact us online and think that they purchased from us because we are a well known supplier and easy to find online, but find that when they call us that they did not get their CCTV equipment from CCTV Camera Pros. There are different versions of the JPEG2000 DVR available in the industry and some are manufactured differently. We can only support the equipment manufactured for us and do not know the reliability of the others on the market.

4) Our manufacturer has supplied us with a best practices to solve some of the common connectivity problems with the IRS software used to access the JPEG dual codec DVR remotely. Please refer to this page and see if these ideas help your situation:

5) If you are still having trouble, please call us at 888-849-2288. We always want to help resolve all issues with our equipment.

In regards to iPhone remote viewing, the JPEG2000 does not support this unfortunately. The only solutions we have at this time is to use a video server on each channel that you want to view from your iPhone. This video server does a great job:

The other solution is to use a Geovision DVR card. Geovision has developed an iPhone application. Setup instructions can be found here:

Please let us know if we can help further.