Re: Which firmwareupdate?

Mike Haldas


We do not recommend installing any firmware that you downloaded from our website unless you purchased your DVR from CCTV Camera Pros and are sure it is the correct model. It is not because we don't want you to use our formware updates. We actually try to help everyone out as much as possible with support, even for people that did not purchase equipment from us. It is one of the reasons that we have this support forum. We do not recommend using the firmware updaye because many times DVRs will look the same as the models that we offer by not in fact be made by the same manufacturer. There is a risk that incorrect firmware can damage your DVR.

If you did purchase the DVR from CCTV Camera Pros, please let me know the email address that was used for your order so that I may lookup and see which DVR you have. You can email your order information to

Thank You.