Re: Wireless Security Camera System Questions

Mike Haldas

Follow up from gun range owner:

Thank you for your assistance. I know this is a unique application and I want to get it right before making a purchase.

The way I see it is as follows:

The camera connects to one of the antennas via a cat-5 cable. Power input for the camera is 12 vdc and 24 vdc for the antenna.

On the other end the notebook computer connects to the other antenna via another cat-5 cable. Power requirements are 12 vdc for the notebook and 24 vdc for the antenna.

I will take care of the power requirements.

Do these connections sound correct to you?

Refer to sketch below. Are the connections correct?

Dont worry about the power supplies. Ill take care of the power requirements.


CCTV Camera Pros reply:

Nice job on the diagram. Yes, you are correct. Let me just add a few details. The the wireless transmitters include a POE power supply. It it is basically a very small box (about 2 inches long) that has three connections. 1) A power input which gets connected to the AC power supply included with the unit (the power supply is basically about the same size as a cell phone battery charger and connects to a standard 110 power source). 2) An RJ-45 / Cat5 POE out which connects to the antenna to provide its power and connectivity 3) An RJ-45 / Cat5 Ethernet input to connect to the camera. So again, your diagram is correct, but I just want to make sure you understand the details of how the power and connectivity is being delivered to the wireless antennas.

Also, on the bridge side, typically there is a network switch that both the laptop and the access point antenna connect to, instead of connecting the antenna directly to the laptop, but for your application, I think the direct connection will be fine. If you ever want other device to see the camera on a network, you can add a network switch at any time.

Last, I want to mention that CCTV Camera Pros offers a service where we can pre-configure the wireless bridge and camera for you so that when you get the equipment everything will connect for you when you power it up. As part of this service, we also make sure that all IP devices have been updated to the latest firmware version. The cost for this is $20 per device, so $60 total for this application in case you are interested in that.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and have a great weekend.