Re: Zavio D6111 with POE injector


I had a camera system installed a while back all worked fine till one day about 6:00 pm 4 of my camera zavio d6111 went down and i use nuuo software and out of 8 cameras 4 dont work it shows a black screen on 4 cameras and a small green box on the lower right botton of the picture screen. i running a coax cable because of a long run about 400 feet i have a highwire quad 4 port i am using but i thought it went out so i bought another highwire quad and it is doing the same thing. my highwire quad is about max 50 feet from the cameras, i am using a power supply to power the quad and the run cat 5 to 4 of the cameras but i noticed the cameras have a another power supply to power the cameras but i thought the highwire quad is suppose to power the cameras. so i unpluged the separate power supplys. hard to think 4 cameras went out the same day and time with no storms in the area and no one around, do you have any clue to help me out.