Re: Zavio IP Camera Installation on Mac


I'm struggling to set my camera up on my Mac. I installed the IP Scanner software as described above. But then realised I hadn't added the camera to my network.

I got myself a cable and plugged the camera into my router. I've added the camera and given it a fixed IP address. I've rebooted the router and the camera still shows up in my list.

Next I tried the IP address as the URL and sure enough can get a window up, but there is no picture. I get three options down the left hand side, one with a tick, one with a person shape, and a camera icon.

Selecting the tick takes me to a setting.htm page but with no options. Selecting the person icon does nothing. Selecting the camera icon brings up four slider bars.

I've taken note of what other comments have said, I've opened Safari in 32 bit mode, and can't think of anything else to fiddle, tweak, or otherwise alter. H E L P !!!!!