20 IP Cameras 5mp Maxed out FPS / Data Storage for 90 days

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    I am installing a 20 IP camera system integrated with a 16 cam analog d1 system. At first I was going with Geovision cams and hybrid servers however after research I decided to go with a NUUO system. The question is this. This client requires 24 hour / 365 days D/N recording at maximum FPS and resolution for digital zoom enhancement. He will need facial identification up to 175 feet via digital PTZ / forensic zoom. There will be three separate sites (poles) where the cameras will be located.

    1. What NUUO system should I get?

    2. What cameras would be recommended?

    3. Currently there is 1x cat 5e 1 x power and 1 x rg6 ran to a tower about 300 ft away. This tower will need 5x 5 MP cams on it. Do we need to go wireless or will the one cat5e handle that bandwidth.

    4. Storage – OUCH! Looking at about 200 – 300 TB of storage that needs to be accessable on the playback device (no hard archiving / Importing) Can I use a standard external NETDISK SAS, or JBOD array. Like here HERE

    5. What other issues could come up?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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