4 BNC Input to One Monitor Output for CCTV Cameras

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer contacted CCTV Camera Pros with the following questions related to using a CCTV quad processor.

    I have 4 CCTV cameras that go to a what I think is called a spliter box, then to a monitor. All of the cameras have BNC connectors on them. We thought the monitor went bad so our bar manager bought a LCD Flat screen to replace the old failed CCTV monitor. I purchased a BNC to video adapter and cant get it to work. My assumptions are that the box is bad. We had all 4 security cameras show up on the one screen. I looked and could only find 1 input and multiple outputs. Do you have a video device with 4 BNC inputs and 1 video output for a monitor? These cameras are for our local American legion we do not record just use as a monitor for parking lot. The cameras were installed back in 1998. Any help would be greatly appreciated as our bartenders would like to be able to see the parking lot again, and I don't want to have to run a hole new video surveillance system.

    Thanks and Semper Fi.

    CCTV Camera Pros provided the following guidance for this situation:

    Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. If you want to take the signal from 4 CCTV cameras and display them on a single monitor, you can use this CCTV color quad processor to do just that.


    You do this by connecting all 4 cameras using BNC connections to the back of the video processor, then use the BNC output on the quad to connect the output to your monitor using a BNC jumper cable, like these:


    If your monitor does not have a BNC video input and does have an RCA video input, then you can convert the monitor end of the cable to RCA using this BNC to RCA converter:


    Please let us know if we can help further.

    Semper Fi.

    -Mike Haldas

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